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Believe to Achieve is an organization dedicated to promoting financial wellness within our Mississippi community. We prepare youth to break the cycle of poor money management habits and be financially savvy. Our target demographic is youth ages 10-22.

Our programs meet students where they are, equipping them with the skills to be financially savvy now and as they grow.

Too many youth have no idea how to manage money. It is so important for them to be able to have good credit, save money, and prepare for college. Believe to Achieve addresses the gaps in our financial literacy system. If we don’t teach our children about money, how do we expect them to manage their money successfully as adults?

Bad decisions about personal finance can take decades to fix. When youth are educated, they will be better equipped to manage their finances.

why does financial literacy matter?

Did you know?

If our children do not learn about money now, it will cost them later.

The average household credit card debt in MS in 2018 was $6673.

Career builder survey (2017) noted that 78% of adults live paycheck to paycheck.

Mississippi scored a C on financial literacy in high schools

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